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Tony Tuthill (AKA KINNEAS) Broadcasting History


2005 -2010: The Hailing Frequency Podcast. Executive Producer, Co-Host, Fleet Radio segment producer. Art & Branding. 105 Episodes. Over 10 million downloads.

2006-8: The Argus Array Pod Cast w VICTOR1st: Art - Guest Broadcaster

2010-2011: Subspace-Radio.NET: Lead Creator, Station Manager.  World's First IN-Character Radio station for Star Trek:Online. First DJ/Broadcaster. Idea man for a Star Trek Guinness Book of World Records event.

2011-2013: ST:O Radio/TREKRADIO . Lead Creative. Broadcaster.

2013-2014: Pirates Radio ( The Orion Syndicate): Producer,Mgt.Training.Broadcaster

2015: UFPMedia: Owner, Station Mgt, Convention Mgt. Production. Broadcasting

Tony Tuthill_UFPMEDA_HFLOGO.png
Tony Tuthill_subspaceradio2.png
Tony Tuthill_STO_Radio_flyer2.png
Tony Tuthill_TRLOGO_141x.png
Tony Tuthill_ufpmediabadge2.png

Kinneas ( aka Tony Tuthill ) was the 'IDEA GUY' beind launching a GUINNESS BOOK RECORD in conjunction with the launch of STAR TREK:ONLINE



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