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These are three audio clips related to the Star Trek Guinness Book of World Records Event in Conjunction w/ the launch of Star Trek Online. The Record is: THE MOST DRESSED TREKKERS IN ONE LOCATION.  
Tony Tuthill (Kinneas) inspired the idea and it was Tricia Gray at Cryptic Studios who worked with Atari/BanDai & Guinness to set it up for February 14th 2010 in LONDON on the Millennium Bridge.
     There were originally many more audio clips that carried on the story of the Temporal Bad Guy trying to kill the SUBSPACE-RADIO DJ ( Space Cabbie ) as he made his way to London for the event.  They are potentially still on a CD somewhere but I am unable to locate any more files at the moment. 

Tony Tuthill (KINNEAS' SUBSPACE-RADIO.NET) in conjunction with Gaming Radio Network Simulcast the event

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