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(2005-2010) 105 episodes

Hailing Frequency was the first podcast on the internet dedicated to Star Trek Gaming; covering all aspects from official games like, Star Trek Online to semi-officials such as Star Trek Excalibur. A wide variety of amazing community characters presented all of the current events in this genre in an entertaining and leading format. Winning several awards over the years and had over 10 million downloads! 

Once LIVE Internet Radio evolved; hosts Zach Nicodemous & Tony Tuthill went on to create the WORLD'S FIRST top LIVE Star Trek gaming related stations: SUBSPACE-RADIO, ST:O Radio, TREKRADIO & UFP Media

ALL other Star Trek Gaming Podcasts, Out of Character radio and In-Character radio for Star Trek: Online came after. 


>> Hailing Frequency is available on Apple iTunes 

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