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NOOBFLIGHTS PLAYLIST: The Basic Training Missions in

These were the first releases of the training missions in MSFS 2020. The Airliner or lessons had not been added.  The training lessons in MSFS 2020 have since been changed, edited or replaced.

In-Game Tutorials: First Solo Traffic Pattern

In-Game Tutorials: First Solo Traffic Pattern

This is the first version of the in-game flight lesson: "First Solo Traffic Pattern". These in-game tutorials have since been changed, modified, upgraded, etc. Sadly, many are bugged, lack needed information, are set on incorrect screens. They set the first-time flyer up for failure at the moment and you will need to know a LOT MORE going into the lessons to complete them! All I discovered with THIS lesson on FIRST SOLO TRAFFIC PATTERN is: If you don't land close to the numbers and then turn towards taxi after landing, instructor Jess will fail you. Land as close to the numbers as you can and stop the aircraft. Do not turn. I hope many of my MSFS videos help you learn the things you need to complete the 'BASIC' training at the moment in MSFS. LOL. In the forums there is a lot of heat coming from the community since launch. Not having PERFECT basic training lessons, you will quickly de-moralize the first-timers and they WILL not continue wanting more knowledge. The TRUST you and count on you to not let them fail in their first steps. They need to feel empowered. There is SOOOO much to learn beyond the baby steps and I was de-moralized for over a decade trying to learn from previous sims. I finally put my foot down and committed to learning from professional flight instructors on YouTube. Best of luck to you attempting to get through the tutorials. I was able to complete many because I have more knowledge than what is included in them. This allowed me to get to the proper CDI Navigation screens for VOR, etc. If you do not know these things you will never be able to pass the lesson. If you have any questions about this or ANY of the in-game training lessons please ask. HAPPY FLYING! - Tony Tuthill (Kinneas)
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