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MSFS2020 - My Release Day Vids

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

At midnight on August 17th we were finally able to start downloading and installing MSFS 2020.

It takes a LONG time. 5 hours approx on a 100 meg down line. It's a MONSTER.

Then quite a long time to configure. I really recommend creating a NEW KEBOARD PROFILE and the hitting CLEAR ALL and start configuring just the basic and THEN BUILD UP.

The Developers have sometimes THREE options per key you can set but this is just too much and too confusing for Noobs like me. Then you have to find and clear the bind the Devs set. It's very frustrating and for your sanity you may want to take my advice and start slow, setting just what you need as you go.

There is a nifty ROLLING CACHE feature that stores the data while you fly for future loads. OR! You can choose MANUAL CACHE and select areas that you want to pre-download and save in low, medium or high resolution.

The key to High Resolution is based on your map zoo levels. Zoom in very close and you will toggle the High Rez option.

Surprising at the moment the file sizes are not that huge compared to say, Ortho4.

Then I recorded a Trip around Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak. Not a super detailed tour, but enough.

After that onto recording all eight TRAINING MISSIONS: Basic Controls, Attitude and Instruments, Takeoff and Level Flight, Landing, The Taxi Pattern, First Solo Taxi Pattern, Navigation and First Solo Navigation.

Other recordings include:

- An Exploration of the Hagia Sophia to show off some of the functionality of the Drone Camera. I recommend setting this up right away, using it and learning to love it.

Especially if you want to get close in on something and to take the best photos. It has all kinds of features including, Depth of Field settings, Zoom, Adjust Exposure, Recording, etc.

- A Note To Advertisers: A close look at Signage and Branding in MSFS2020. Who looks good and who does not.

- HOW to Find the Instrument Landing Frequencies in MSFS.

- What to Expect From a Medium End System: Dell 5767, Ryzen7 2700x, RX580, 32 GB Ram, SSD.

Finally...for now. I closed out the recording day with a LONG tour from Colorado Springs to Denver. Stopping to do detailed drone looks at: The Air Force Academy, Castle Rock, Centennial Airport, the Denver Broncos Sports Authority Stadium, Elitch Gardens, Coors Field, Colorado State Capital and Denver International Airport.

All of these can be found in my YouTube MSFS 2020 Playlist.

So much fun. So much to learn and explore!

P.S. It does not want to embed the YouTube Playlist found here:

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