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Another day of recording noobflight videos.

Doing my best to speak noob to other noobs like me and try to make what I have been learning as simple as possible.

All the things that have made my enjoyment of Flight Simulators skyrocket and more real.

Trying to slowly learn how to do things the way they do it in the real world and work my way up to much longer flight plans.

I have only done one successful long distance flight in the Cessna Skyhawk. From Colorado Springs to Las Vegas. It was a round trip and I botched a landing. So still only one.

I've done some long cross country distances in the BIG airliners but those are still short hops. In the Cessna it's an all day flight if you don't have the oxygen to go over mountains and have to plot a low elevation course the entire way.

Ok. These are the most recent videos:

- Noob Tries to Avoid Deep State: - Finding VOR's in MSFS, Tuning NAV Radio, CDI, Finding VOR Frequencies 'in flight', Staying Low in Class G Airspace, GPS Nav, Autopilot, ALT, Flight Level Change, Vert Speed, Mixture, EGT, Fuel Flow, The Zen of Fuel Burning. Keeping the Deep State Out of Your BIDNEZ! Getting 'Bar-B-Que' : wink wink: in Hays Kansas. Grand Theft MILO. :) JUST KIDDING. BIG BROTHER QUISLING :P~~

Remember that movie where bad guys told a pilot to make an adjustment, so he and the plane thought the runway was higher than it was and they crashed!? Boy was John McLane mad! This is about using ATC/ATIS to make sure you have the right Altimeter Number (Barometric Pressure) dialed in so you and your plane know exactly where the runway and ground is. I will show how with the Altimeter gauge and with the Garmin G1000 so the same things does not happen to you; but without the bad guys. You would be your own bad guy for not checking ATIS and making sure your Altimeter is set right. It can change fast over short distances. Use the ATC/COM Radio tune into a 'major' airport with an ATIS before taking off and before landing. As you travel about various ATC controllers will give you the ALT #.

THE STEEP TURN! That's how! OH! This is the bane of my existence! "ARGGG!"

- Ref: FSX Lessons - Steep Turns

-Ref: Dovetails Games Flight School Lessons: Steep Turns:

Get Autopilot to Follow a Heading w Autopilot HDG Button & Compass Heading Knob

Use the Autopilot Buttons to Hold Altitude, Climb, Descend, Climb/Descend Faster or Slower. Use Altitude Knobs (Inner/Outer) to set an Altitude.

"Leaning your Mix" (pilot talk) Also: High Altitude leaning, Auto-Leaning, Trimming, Cold Weather Problems, EGT, Optimum Heat, Pre-Detonation: Myth or Not!?

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