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Shameless Advertising! Be HAPPY Please!

I had been de-monetized as long as monetizing has been around. 14 years!

It's a LONG story but after 14 years it's settled and I have been reinstated w Google and YouTube.

There is NO back pay and most of my old stuff is partially copyright orotected by others not inclined to share using YouTube's ne $haring feature.

Anyway! I have a LOT to recover from for the last 14 years and HAVE TO do everything I can to make sure some ads are running.

PLEASE do not be upset when you see ads all over on this site! It means I am recovering!

It means maybe someday if I can get the stations going again they will cover operating expenses.

I've been paying out of pocket for 8 years and have NEVER made a dime.

Please be happy for me even if they are displaying some political ad you hate seeing. I HAVE NO CONTROL over what ads run!

I have never shamelessly advertised or made tee shirts or other stuff available while it has become the common practice now for everyone. I need to start doing that now!

- Kinn


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