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Streaming WHOAs!

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

DJ STORM wants to broadcast again and needed a walkthrough on how to set up an encoder again. It's been probably THREE YEARS since I have done a broadcast and had forgotten how myself.

So yesterday I tried finding any free encoder to go through the setup myself.

Virtual DJ was a bust as it prompts you to get the PRO version to LIVE stream.

Then MIXXX connected but started dropping the stream ever 15 seconds. Encoder I have tried in the last two days I am having dropped stream issues. That was a few very frustrating hours with dual streams running in my ear while troubleshooting.

Today I thought there was some real hope. I downloaded the trial version of SAM Broadcaster. It was stable for a few hours but then started dropping the stream the way MIXXX did and was giving me "UNABLE TO SEND DATA FAST ENOUGH" errors.

So I tried lower bitrates, buffer and packet settings...and NADDA! I still keep getting disconnection errors.

I've reset the modem I ran an Internet Speed Test. I have fluctuating downloads from 30mbps to 100mpbs AND 0.14 to 0.20 UPLOAD!


( and some time passes )

Just spent some wonderful chat time on the phone with a Comcast Xfinity agent who bent over backwards trying to run signal tests, etc. A TOP Quality agent.

Unfortunately he was unable to resolve the issue and has to send a technician to look at the lines. Could be squirrel damage.

Squirrels in the area chewed into the lines years ago and they had to send a technician out once before. I suppose it could be them again.

I've also been talking a lot on the phone with DJ STORM the last few days. So it could also be the NSA or the ALIENS! :) OH MY! : looks skyward :

Let's hope it's just squirrels!


UPDATE: Could have been TWO things.


- An Xfinity Line issue

As both were reported 'fixed' at almost the exact same is hard to say what the cause was.

Upload speeds are averaging 8mbps now.


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