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The TREKRADIO & UFP Radio Stream

The Internet Radio stream for and are combined and available on the main menu link above. There is a built in radio player on the page. There are other ways to tune in as well.

I've almost completely finished removing all content that is not Star Trek related or content from: The Hailing Frequency Podcast, STO:Radio, and There is also Fan made Star Trek Audio Dramas.

The Auto DJ is in the process of being cleaned up and the dramas properly scheduled into slots. Everything is mostly on 'Random' at the moment. It's not doing TOOO bad of a job. I keep listening as I go for music or other content that slipped by.

I would like to see these stations live on and started developing the ideas for them in 2005 when doing the FLEET RADIO segments for The Hailing Frequency Pod Cast. A number of them are in rotation on the stream. On some clips for the pod cast there is still the end statement: "Fleet Radio was created to promote the idea of RADIO and MEDIA in Star Trek:Online."

A lot of derivates from this first logo. It was used for ST:O Radio and for the very first days of TREKRADIO.
Hailing Frequency Pod Cast logo by Tony Tuthill

We imagined a much more 'real' and active simulated environment in what would become Star Trek Online. With LIVE events that would facilitate the need for in game players, fleets and a 'media' core to work together. This never panned out and it was very difficult to provide continued and meaningful in-character content in the MMO.

After The Hailing Frequency Pod Cast ended is where things started going sideways with partnerships and friendships etc. I wanted to develop the Fleet Radio concept and others did not. I had to go find those who were developing Internet Radio software and ask them for help me get started creating the beast for Star Trek:Online. I found, "GAMING RADIO NETWORK!" the creators of EVE Radio.

I had been an EVE player and enjoyed the radio but it was like any real world station. There was no in-character content or rarely news content on the stream. I wanted to create something entirely different and with their help I DID. SUBSPACE RADIO (SSR)!

...To be continued.

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