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FULL CIRCLE! Life is Strange!

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Pencil Art drawing by Tony Tuthill featuring TonicMole characters and a Tony Tuthill character.
"Et TWO": LIlly, Wepwawet and Sneath ( early stage drawing) by Tony Tuthill

Another artist using the pseudonym TONICMOLE and I were both featured in a small Indy Comic Book called PINNACLE by Panther Comics in 1999-2000.

We did not know each other until last week when out of the blue, TonicMole found me on Facebook and asked if I was the one who drew the comics in Pinnacle.

Right after that, I re-connected with our original Publishers, Anthony Little and Rodney Little of Panther Comics.

They had not published anything in a long time and were getting the bug yo produce another round of comics.

So. If they ask. Tonic Mole and I may both be featured together again in another Panther Comic production.

TonicMole then asked me if I would create an image using his two characters, Lilly and the Wepwawet and that it would be printed in an upcoming release. These characters first appeared in those Pinnacle issues.

As there was no specific instructions given, other than 'Do it in your style', I thought why not add a character of my own, who also appeared in the same comic. Might as well keep things going full circle!

So what I have created in the beginning drawing above is: Lilly, Wepwawet (The shadow being) and my thief character; SNEATH, in the window.

As all the characters are known to time travel it seemed ok to set the image in ancient Roma where a Roman guard has encountered Lilly and is in a state of hysterical panic as he looks at the Cell Phone in her hand.

Since Sneath is a thief I imagined he would be there stealing something Lilly has or was after herself. Yet Lilly is dropping the real 'Whatever it is' into the hand of Wepwawet, who is trying desperately to extend himself through the shadowy area of the street to immobilize the guard.

The following is an embedded page by Tonic Mole to a Kickstarter he is doing to bring those character back in their own book.

This post also contains the Cover of the Panther Comic we debuted in along with the original Lilly and Wepwawet story.

Pinnacle Cover Art by Rodney Little.


Pencil, White and Black paint on Newsprint. 12x14

Newsprint can be tricky. It's mighty thin and loves to wrinkle with any moisture.

Tonic Mole seems to like and appreciate the image.

12x14 Pencil and Paint on newsprint by Tony Tuthill
"ET TWO!": Lilly , Wepwawet and Sneath by Tony Tuthill


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