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Microsoft Flight Simulator turns 40 and Asobo Studios has released a lot of new content to celebrate including the introduction of GLIDERS into the sim.

I have now been through all the training and have achieved an A score on each one.

The Training choices are:

- Aerolaunch

- Winch Launch

- Advanced Winch Cable Break

- Basic Handling

- Slip Approach

- Thermals

- Ridge Soaring

These training lessons proved to be a bit more challenging than I had anticipated.

In the following video with timestamp chapters I talk briefly about each training lesson and go over the pitfalls you may face as well as tips and a work-around for 'Winch Launch'. Then I playthrough each training mission.

As stated, there are video chapters to help you faster find what you need or skip ahead.

Cheers and happy flying!

Link to my NOOBFLIGHT CHANNEL on YOUTUBE: Most all my Flight Sim Videos and Livestream Location.

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