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ON-AIR: Temporally Recombobulated

After my Chakras re-aligned and everything else temporally recombobulated I find myself back in the late 24th or early 25th century after a major temporal mission in or around 2015. Something to do with Earth, Las Vegas and...something. I can't remember everything.

Some Good News

- The UFP and Star Fleet are still intact.

- The subspace relay network for UFP Media in still mostly intact.

- I've been successful rebuilding the broadcast ship and broadcasting again.

- I've re-connected with Connie Do'it ( See above image!)

Some Bad News

- The bills for the UFP Network relay didn't stop and WHOA was I shocked seeing the bill. Death, taxes and Temporal jumps it seems.

- In this timeline I am not loaded and have scraped together enough to keep going.

- I can't find any of the old broadcasters. I need to start gathering a new crew fast! ( CONTACT ME!)


A lot to catch up on and a lot to recombobulate still.

An aside: Spellcheck does not have an issue with recombobulate. So there's that.

Ok. This is basically DAY 1 all over again.

I'm going to need help.

-- Kinneas

Sept 4

Year Uncertain

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