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ONE SHOT the GITHYANKI! - Baldur's Gate 3

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Nothing I hate more than not being able to defeat anything in a D&D Role Playing game. Nothing has been worse than trying to defeat the GITHYANKI near the MOUNTAIN PASS in BALDUR'S GATE 3 (2020).

This is my fourth time playing through and my first time using mostly SMOKEPOWDER Grenades, OIL barrels, FIREWINE barrels and WINE to create a FUSE and a BOMB.

This is the first time using SmokePowder too. I didn't realize there was a vendor nearby who sold them.

I have had success using just oil, firewine, boxes and crates. Hopefully a look at my placements will help you one shot the gith too!

This first video shows getting the THREE Gith that guard the bridge only. This requires you do not cross under the bridge and trigger the cutscene where the GITH Leader and his RED DRAGON show up. The Second video shows how to take out the leader and the other Gith if he shows up and you have remained undetected.

Even if LAE'ZEL breaks from your party and you remain undetected you will still be able to place flammables. You can always resurrect her :) .

The M.V.P. as you see has been to use MAGE HAND and get everything into place without triggering any cutscenes with the Githyanki Leader. Sometimes it will not let me save the game after doing this but only sometimes.

This video is the first time I was able to get the three gith on the bridge. Unfortunately you to take out the forces that were on the bridge to block the Gith but they always end up dead anyway from the Dragon.


- Kinneas


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