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As I was working on other things I found out

at the last hour about the Microsoft/Asobo Flight Simulator Livestream Update today on TWITCH ( ).

It was pretty amazing from my perspective. Here are some things I took away from it.

- Over 700+ THIRD PARTY PARTNERS have joined on! OH MY!

- MeteoBlue is doing the Live Weather for MSFS and being improved on as updated satellite imagery is collected. Users can create their own weather. The more 'unusual' types of Cloud formations are being created.

- BING Photo maps used in the Flight Sim will be updated.

- SEASONS is in the works with SNOW alre

ady done. Snow, sleet, rain affect runway slippy-ness.

- Bird/Animal MIGRATION data could eventually be included (mind blown).

- The addition of: Sub-Species of Trees is being added.

- Asobo/Microsoft has spoken with EVERY aircraft maker and has obtained exclusive licensing with these PARTNERS to provide the best possible models & performance data. With special access to aircraft designers, pilots and test pilots.

- All issues currently bothering the community are being addressed either by Asobo or a Third Party Partner.

- Asobo has a LONG TERM contract with Microsoft to continue developing and fixing MSFS for 'at least' the next four years.

- The Developers ARE themselves learning to fly and are very happy that Third Party Partners with such great experience in the Flight Sim World have join on.

Not everything could be answered to make everyone happy but the statements and answers were honest and heartfelt.

From what I have seen it's already the most powerful and amazing Flight Simulator the world has EVER seen!

They should really consider contacting GUINNESS BOOK. :)

MSFS 2020 Releases AUGUST 18th!

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