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"What a Long Strange Trip It's Been." - Grateful Dead

So much to say about the last thirteen years. But is it worth talking about at all or does one just put it in the past and move forward?

For now I'll just say; it has all been quite the adventure.

I'm rebuilding my life along with rebuilding this website. I'll start with the basics: The Artwork. Portfolio Pages for: Drawings, Illustrations, Graphics, Cartooning etc.

Then to the Star Trek Gaming Pod Casting, Broadcasting, Producing stuff that consumed me for over ten years and brought about much destruction to friendships and hopeful careers. I'll start with highlights and may or may not get around to telling you 'The rest of the story' as Paul Harvey would say.

Music Videos I have made or was involved with. Including ones with 'The Venetian Princess'

My other hobbies: I still enjoy gaming and have been learning to fly more like a real world pro in various simulators.

O.K. I'm going to start rebuilding everything again. PLEASE check back every once in awhile.


Tony Tuthill ( aka KINNEAS: The Redshirt Who LIVED!)

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