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Long Period of Extreme Life Trauma, Retreating From Reality & Stuff


:Sings the opening line of that one song you know: "It's been awhile!!! ..."

You know me. When things get real bad I clam up and retreat from everything and everybody I can. I stop working as much as possible and hide in a small cell and only come out as much as needed for survival.

Empty Star Trek TOS Bridge in Adobe Illustrator by Tony Tuthill
Empty Star Trek TOS Bridge in Adobe Illustrator by Tony Tuthill

A whole heap happened.

Some. Heartbreakingly devastating tragedy of the highest magnitude.

It's the details of events I have no desire to share with anyone but family and immediate family and family friends.

Forgive me if I was working on a Project for you! I'm sorry I just hid and have not communicated the need for a long down time. I didn't think it would hit so fast and hard and that I would bounce back quickly. Nope. I'm still not quite there but this is a step to come back.

So many blows I applied for the Survival Show; A L O N E, on the HISTORY CHANNEL to retreat from life that much.

I'm sure you can relate considering the last few years and current event and I hope it has not been as tragic for you. If it has. I'm sorry with you.

In the coming days I'd like to start Blog-telling you of the nice but mostly meaningless stuff I have been doing, meaningless time in video games and in particular, time in MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR.

Art by Tomy Tuthill
Over the Edge: Editorial by Tony Tuthill

Things like:

- Going to see the Comedian, Zoltan. Celebrating Ten Years of shows.

- 900 Hours in MSFS: My Training Videos and Livestreaming on YouTube

- Dark Alone Survival Video Game

- SImCity 5 ( 2013)

- CIV 6 Diety Level Smackdowns

- My Lawn Commits Insurrection

Thank you for checking in.

- Tony

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