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Man! I am having a dickens of a time trying to get (what few items I have) in my Zazzle

store onto the website.

Major issues:

(1) Zazzle and Wix won't let you embed your store.

(2) Zazzle has removed the feature to iframe your store.

(3) Zazzle offers RSS embed but it does not want to format correctly on this WiX website and does the layout in a wonky manner.

(4) GOOGLE HATES ZAZZLE it seems. Whenever I place my own products on the side-bars under the Google ads or even seemingly on JUST a STORE PAGE, Adsense pulls ALL the Google ads from my website as some kind of Policy Violation.

(5) My 'Associate Banners' from Zazzle seem to trigger Google to shut down ads on my site.

I have gone back to Adsense-Help and keep re-reading the website policies and just do not understand what the problem is with Zazzle products and associate banners.

After 14 years of being locked out of Google Adsense for 'Unknown and or noob reasons' I do not want to do anything wrong and am on pins and needles making any changes or adding anything. ARG.

Now. In HERE. Inside this blog, we are allowed to post LINKS and HTML Code.

My next test is to try adding in some Zazzle content in here and see if Adsense has a problem with it.

OK...Here goes. I am going to paste what I think were the offensive items to Google Adsense.

Under every Zazzle product there is a LINK button that provides you a link or some embed code. This is MY UFPMedia logo on a tee shirt. I am using this blog's 'INSERT HTML' and pasting the Zazzle Link HTML code:

I have not used Zazzle in YEARS and for whatever reason a lot of the link codes they are providing me DO NOT WORK PROPERLY. If I skip using the HTML CODE and place my OWN art and then link to the product it works.

The following is a, 'MY ZAZZLE ASSOCIATE BANNER'. You get the code for these in the MY ACCOUNT/ASSOCIATES tab on Zazzle:

I was placing versions of the above Tee-shirt links and Associate links on the website pages under Google Ads and they freaked.

A Google policy says you can't run ads on pages with 'Click to pay' ads. I suppose an Associate Banner is a click to pay as you get paid if you get a gazillion referrals. That will probably never happen.

I am going to do a PUBLISH on the website and then do a refresh and see if the Google Ads remain.

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